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Following the Government announcement that covid restrictions will be lifted on 19th July 2021, as the Manager of Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments I for one am thrilled and looking forward to accepting more bookings for guests who feel more confident about travelling for business and leisure again.  Whilst the restrictions have been in place, hoteliers and accommodation providers have had a really tough time of it to say the least. Another lockdown for Winter would be absolutely soul destroying to the hospitality sector and detrimental to our business!   Our commitment to doing everything we can to keep our guests safe and happy, and Harrogate Lifestyle Luxury Serviced Apartments open, has not wavered in light of the covid restrictions lifting on July 19th 2021. 

Whilst we understand it will not be necessary for visitors to wear masks and keep socially distant after 19th July, I do feel there should be a responsibility to all accommodation providers, to propose to visitors that it would be appreciated if customers would still temporarily wear masks and observe previous socially distant guidelines in communal spaces.   You have to bare in mind that hoteliers and luxury accommodation providers like us, are welcoming guests from all over the world. Yes there are many travel guidelines still in place for overseas testing etc before/after travel, but personally I feel we, as accommodation providers, have a responsibility to continue our efforts to ensure a safe haven at our place of work and at our guests home from home, where possible.  

We host visitors staying for short business trips, leisure visits and people looking to relocate to Harrogate who want a furnished property to rent in Harrogate town centre for any length of time. We host contractors and corporate clients on regular visits and even local residents who want somewhere comfortable to stay whilst carrying out home improvements. Think of us as the perfect hotel alternative in Harrogate North Yorkshire! 
Our apartments are all located together in one building and have a very convenient spa town centre location, directly opposite the Harrogate Convention Centre, close to many local shops, bars, restaurants and a short drive away from gorgeous country walks. There is the jubilee multi storey car park just behind our building and the train station just a short walk away.  

Since coronavirus hit the UK, accommodation providers like ourselves in Harrogate North Yorkshire, have taken extreme measures to ensure guidelines are met, to provide a covid safe space for our Guests and our Staff in order to ensure the survival of our business and the livelihoods of our team. We are very passionate about working hard to achieve this goal.  We, like many other properties and hospitality businesses, have been hit with some rather substantial additional costs over the last year since the arrival of Covid; with regards to cleaning bills rising, a rise in costs for linen suppliers, a rise in costs for cleaning products, a rise in costs for staff to ensure procedures are being adhered to, paying for extra signage and much more. The reason for this was to ensure safety for our Guests.  To simply abandon many of these procedures is something we feel quite uncomfortable with at this time.   We highly doubt our business would last long if we were to abandon our extra deep cleaning routines now, or stop using an antiviral spray when cleaning the apartments. Who would feel comfortable staying anywhere with that attitude? So if this is a shocking thought, surely the procedures still have their role in protecting ourselves and each other against coronavirus, and therefore something we as accommodation providers should all continue to take seriously.   I would just like to ask all guests and staff to continue being considerate to each other and work together to keep positive about the fight against Covid!  

I would be interested to know how our customers would feel if we were to implement this paragraph into the arrival instructions email we send guests before their check-in? 

"From Monday 19th July wearing a mask and socially distancing from others is no longer a legal requirement in hotel spaces. However, we still want all our Guests and Staff to feel comfortable and safe, so if you choose to wear a mask and keep your distance from others in communal spaces, this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Our team will continue to do all we can to achieve a clean covid safe space in your apartment for you and we will keep a safe distance from all Guests. This is in the interest of all who enter this building and hopefully our efforts together will help keep our business thriving, avoiding another possible lockdown in Winter, which would be very damaging to the hospitality sector as a whole. Thank you again and we hope you enjoy your stay." 

Comment with your thoughts!  Are we being over cautious, or do you think this is a good idea that would be well received? 

On 15th July 2021 at 16:21, Abi Quinn wrote:
I will continue to wear a mask in all internal enviroments past the 19th.
I think it is very sensible to to continue with requesting guests and staff to wear masks in communal areas
On 13th July 2021 at 15:35, Colon Carr wrote:

As a frontline NHS worker working with many vulnerable patients I applaud your commitment to public health and the safety of your customers
You are acting responsibly in the face of government irresponsibility and we will be happy to stay given your commitment
With thanks from me and countless other NHS staff

Colin Carr
On 13th July 2021 at 10:31, MAURICE CRUTCHLOW wrote:
We have no problem with your requirements we will be happy to return!
On 12th July 2021 at 18:07, Alex Mason wrote:
Seems very sensible to me.
On 12th July 2021 at 16:24, Karen Stussi wrote:
I personally think it is a good idea and I will be continuing with the mask wearing and distancing when indoors and around other people.
On 12th July 2021 at 14:34, Margaret Boggis wrote:
You are not being over-cautious. It is good that you want to keep your guests safe. Wearing masks in communal areas and not sharing the lift with other guests makes absolute sense.

Being repeatedly told by the government and health-care professionals that Coronavirus has not gone away and that we should all stay vigilant as a society doesn't exactly fill us with confidence to drop our shields. So why drop our masks just yet?   How better to avoid unnecessary rises in cases and deaths within the community, and avoid the possibility of another lockdown in Winter, which would destroy many businesses, than to simply keep wearing a mask and keep our distances? I realize there is a lot of speculation on whether masks work or not, but my personal opinion is that if a mask is worn and that provides the person wearing it some comfort, or the person nearby who sees someone wear it some comfort, then this is good for our mental health too.  Whether the masks work well or not, it is worth considering the comfort you are providing that person who does feel they work. That's a kindness that costs nothing.   Is asking those who visit your property to still consider wearing a mask really a lot to ask?   We want to know your thoughts.   Please comment below.    Thank you and we hope to see you (socially distantly) soon.  Kindest regards Jessica General Manager Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments 

Jessica - Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments General Manager

Book a luxury UK staycation in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.  We take your safety and comfort seriously! 

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