Employee Appreciation Day THUMBS UP
"I have some very kind words to share about my employees here at Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments this year on Employee Appreciation Day 04/03/22. I want to say a massive thanks to my employees contribution to the business. Jessica, Larissa and Brian are really going above and beyond for our guests and I am so proud they are a part of my team!" - Andrew, Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments Ltd Owner. 
Andrew - Owner Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments Ltd

A few comments from Andrew about his team... 

"I have been really blessed with a fantastic team!  
Turnover of staff in the hospitality industry can be frequent but with the right team in place and the right management attitude, I am so pleased to say I have loyal and hardworking employees I'm proud of..." 
"Firstly I'd like to make a special mention to my right hand lady Jessica who is the General Manager at Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments.  
Jessica has been a loyal and hardworking employee of mine since November 2011. (Yes she has managed to put up with me for over 10 years now! I must be doing something right!)  
We have worked closely together every day for over 10 years now providing luxury alternatives to hotel accommodation in Harrogate.  
In 2016 we began to create the brand Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments ready for the opening in 2017. We both work incredibly hard to ensure we are doing our absolute best to offer our guests the greatest experience possible during their stay at Harrogate Lifestyle Luxury Studio, One and Two bedroom Serviced Apartments." 

Jessica - General Manager - Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments 

"What can I say about Jessica? Well the honest truth is I would struggle without her.  
Jessica treasures the business as if it were her own and that is a really rare quality to find in an employee these days. 
Those who meet her during their stay are wowed by her friendly welcoming aura. She really goes that extra mile to ensure all guests feel welcome and cared for.  
Not only is Jessica great with our guests but she is heavily involved in the overall look and feel of the apartments in their interior design. She used her knowledge on the hospitality industry to think creatively about what would work for the business when designing the brand and apartment interiors. Jessica managed to ensure our apartments achieved a welcoming environment, with a clean, bright atmosphere, whilst remaining practical for all our guest’s requirements. 
Jessica - General Manager Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments
Jessica's pride in her work shows through with her attention to detail in everything she does.  
Now she is only human (despite the Goddess like praise I'm giving her here) but she really has been indispensable to me..." 
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"Jessica created the website from scratch and manages the marketing, pricing structures and corporate deals herself, whilst manning the reception most days and scheduling the cleans with our Cleaning Company Partner. She is always happy to help even outside of her office hours and outside her job title.  
During the height of the Covid crisis, in the quieter periods of lock-down and the like, we had all hands-on deck freshening up the apartments. Together we went into all 18 apartments to paint every room, hallway, door frame, skirting board and more. It was back breaking work, day in and day out, but Jessica did really well to help with this important work whilst continuing to do her other duties." 
"Jessica has thought outside the box inviting local companies to become Harrogate Lifestyle Partners offering discounts to our guests. The purpose of which is so that we can help support them with greater exposure to their products and services, because we believe these independent and boutique businesses are what makes our town such a vibrant and special place to visit. This is an ongoing feature of ours, so if you are a local business who's customers are those in the tourism sector and you're interested in becoming a Harrogate Lifestyle Partner, than please feel free to contact us. We are interested in partnering with more shops, restaurants and spas locally... 
So Jessica, in short I just want you to know that, your commitment to this team and your willingness to step up and do what needs to be done for the business — even if it falls outside of your job title — doesn’t go unnoticed.  
As you know the last few years have been an extremely challenging time in the hospitality industry as a whole and it’s easy to show up with a smile on your face when things are going well, but you continued to show up with a smile on your face, even when things have been tough.  
Your optimism, happiness, and overall positive attitude is an attribute to this team. Thank you for being you and thanks for all you do!" 
Andrew and Jessica - Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments
Andrew (right) and Jessica (left) - Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments 

Brian - Maintenance - Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments 

Employee appreciation day 4th March 2022 CERTIFICATE BRIAN
"Brian has been a part of our team here at Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments since Summer 2019.  
His role in Maintenance has been incredibly helpful. Brian ensures we are able to act quickly and efficiently to any issues that may arise letting out property as a hotel alternative in Harrogate. 
After each guest departs, he will check all light bulbs are working, appliances are in good order, inventory in the room is as it should be, TVs are all tuned, there is no damage / leaks or repairs required and he will touch up any walls or woodwork that require a lick of paint before our next guests arrive.  
Brian has a can-do attitude and gets on well with all of the contract housekeeping teams. He is a raw, jovial Yorkshire treasure and we're proud to have him as part of our team." 

Larissa - Marketing Assistant and Housekeeper - Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments 

Employee appreciation day 4th March 2022 CERTIFICATE LARISSA
Larissa - Marketing Assistant and Housekeeper - Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments
"Larissa is fairly new to our team here at Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments joining us part-time at the start of this year but she has shown a great enthusiasm for the role and gets on with all the staff.  
Her role as Marketing Assistant and Housekeeper has been a huge support to Jessica. Larissa is keen to learn more about the industry and always puts 110% into everything she does. 
As Housekeeper, Larissa checks all apartments after the contract cleaners have been in to ensure all rooms are prepped and perfect for the next arrival. She also assists Brian in helping to keep the communal areas of the building clean and presentable at all times. 
As Marketing Assistant, Larissa helps Jessica keep the website up to date with Harrogate events, special offers on stays and helps to process bookings. 
As Larissa is quite new to the town as a resident, she is devouring information about the local area so she can be even more helpful to our guests during their stay with recommendations on where to eat, drink, go out and explore.  
As her knowledge and experience develops, we will soon be asking her to contact Harrogate local businesses to arrange tours of the apartments and reach out to more exhibitors and conference organizers to introduce our apartments to even more prospective clients.  
Larissa you are a bright and bubbly breath of fresh air to the team and we're really pleased to have you on board! Thank you for all you've been doing for the company. Great job!" 

Rosie - Guest Star Receptionist - Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments 

Rosie - Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments Guest star Receptionist
"Rosie, you provide that great welcome to put a smile on everybody’s face. However you are feeling that tail keeps wagging. 
Although you will never earn your access all areas pass for the building, you are definitely the no.1 favourite with our guests who are welcomed by you on reception!" 

"To all the team, your enthusiasm, hard work and commitment to provide a fantastic service and high standards to all our guests is second to none. The excellent reviews we receive are a testament to your efforts which are greatly appreciated. Thank you."  Andrew - Owner - Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments Ltd 

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